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Esther Semmler Biography

Esther Lennie was born on February 21, 1942 to Winnie Lennie at Pederson River in the Mackenzie Delta.  Shortly after birth, she moved to Napoyak with her adopted parents Isaac and Sadie Simon.  Esther learned to sew as a young girl, mostly gamauraks and parkas, learning how to do embroidery work and delta braid.  She practiced her delta braid by doing her parents delta braid on their parkas also.

Esther kept on with her sewing and began doing beadwork after she got married and had children.  She continued and learned how to sew slippers, mitts, mukluks and parkas for her kids since they were small.  Christmas and Easter were also a busy time for sewing as family members would receive new parkas, mitts, mukluks at Christmas and slippers at Easter.  

Before school in the fall, each of the kids would receive new canvas mukluks.  They would put on their new mukluks and race because their new mukluks made them run so much faster.  During the winter, the homemade winter clothing she made would keep the kids warm and during cold weather, the kids would be playing outside all day, not affected by the cold.

Today she enjoys beading and has continued to sew fur mitts, cardholders, decorative pins, mukluks, parkas, etc. for her family, friends and most importantly her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


Featured Inuvialuk Artist 

Since time immemorial, Inuvialuit artistry has been deeply valued and well sought after. This continues to hold true today. The Inuvialuit Regional Corporation and Inuvialuit Community Economic Development Organization have created this website to provide our artists and seamstresses with a platform to market their work and their brand nationally. 

Our artists come from various communities across the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, each having their own unique style and colour coordination, while still sharing the same love and passion for creating unique Inuvialuit art.

Our new Feature Artist of the Month section will highlight the achievements and successes of Inuvialuit artists while making their presence known around the world.  

Each unique biography will give visitors a glimpse of the artist’s life, including where they are from, what inspires their work, and how they started creating their work.